The simulation exists as a stand-alone program to educate participants about forced labor as a form of human trafficking. In a 20-30-minute interaction, participants experience:

  1. How children and adults are forced into slave labor;
  2. How modern slaves make items that we use everyday;
  3. Portrayals of three situations of modern forced labor;
  4. Options for reflection, through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching, on the ethics of our consumer society;
  5. An opportunity to engage in advocacy.

The five headings below (LEARN, PLAN, REFLECT, ADVOCATE, FLOOR PLAN) will give essential background on the issue, instructions on how to set up the simulation, and resources for reflection, prayer, and advocacy.

The header image photo credit: “Afghan girl at brick kiln” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by ILO in Asia and the Pacific